What I’ve Been Playing Lately; iOS Vacation Funtime, TI5 and the Butcher of Blaviken.

[Just as a misnomer, I know I haven’t posted in a very long time. This will no longer be a regular occurence. Be prepared for some tasty Vidjagame goodness several times a week]

Holy hell has this been one hot summer so far, and I have been taking full advantage of every little bit of free time I have in order to punch away at some truly remarkable games. First and foremost, I think anyone with working fingers and a brain needs to at least put 30-40 hours into The Witcher: Wild Hunt as soon as physically possible. It’s been stressed millions of times since the game came out towards the end of May, but what CD Projekt Red managed to accomplish in a purely world-building sense is absolutely marvelous. You need to experience this game, especially now that a few months have gone past and a lot of the technical quibbles and hiccups have been ironed out.

Surprise, surprise: I’m still playing DOTA 2. With The International fever about to kick back into full swing later this month and the community once again breaking Esports Prize Pool records by recklessly purchasing cosmetics and compendiums, I continue in my endless pursuit of maintaining a respectable Ranked Matchmaking Rating. It seems futile at this point, but it does say something that nearly 900 hours later I am still enjoying sinking a couple hours in every day or so, despite the often toxic community. 10/10 would get yelled at for feeding again.

Oddly enough, I’ve been playing a ton of iOS games on my newly upgraded IPhone 6. I never really gave iOS a chance in the past and now see what I was sorely missing. Obviously old classics like Hearthstone still feature heavily in the mix, but I also have been playing a lot of the little gem Plague Inc. There is something special about slowly infecting the world with plague and then causing the entire human population to shit themselves to death. I’m glad to have finally picked up the addicting little strategy title. I’ve also been playing 80 Days, an absolutely fantastic retelling of the Jules Verne classic set in a steam punk re-imagining of the 19th century. It plays somewhat like a “choose your own adventure” book as you take on the role of the Phineas Fogg’s servant and plan, connive and adventure your way through over 140 cities in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe before 80 days have passed. It’s a really unique and genuinely charming experience, and has caused me to give iOS a little bit more credence when it comes to gaming. Not everything is a micro-transaction riddled piece of junk.

What I’ve Been Playing Lately; iOS Vacation Funtime, TI5 and the Butcher of Blaviken.